Tarpon Springs, FL

Wash Packages at Tarpon Springs

Unlimited Car Wash Club

The Auto-Graphx5

$ 30 .00
Single Wash
$ 49 .99 mo. Unlimited
  • Graphene Carbon Coating
  • C4 Rain Repel

Big Dan’s Ceramic Special

$ 25 .00
Single Wash
$ 39 .99 mo. Unlimited
  • Super Scent Blast
  • Dynamic Ceramic ( Wax, Seal, Repel )
  • Micro Dry ( Buff N’ Dry )

Wax It

$ 22 .00
Single Wash
$ 29 .99 mo. Unlimited
  • Fusion Wax
  • Fusion Seal
  • Underbody Rinse

Shine It

$ 17 .00
Single Wash
$ 24 .99 mo. Unlimited
  • Tri-Foam Bath
  • Rain Repel
  • Tire Shine

Washes Include:

Free Vacuums
Mat Cleaners
Compressed Air
Window Cleaner
Micro-Fiber Towels
Interior Cleaner
Fast Tunnel 3 Min Wash
License Plate Reader

Family Plans

Multiple Vehicles? Then you need our family plan!

With the Unlimited Car Wash Club Family Plan, you can add additional vehicles to your membership and receive 25% off each additional membership.

Individual Plans

Car 1: $39.99 Big Dan’s Ceramic Special

Car 2: $39.99 Big Dan’s Ceramic Special

TOTAL: $79.98/month

Family Plans

Car 1: $39.99 Big Dan’s Ceramic Special

Car 2: $29.99 Big Dan’s Ceramic Special

TOTAL: $69.98/month

*Each car must be managed with the same credit card to be eligible for the discount.

To sign up for a family plan, simply visit our wash and one of our team members will assist you.

Meet The Team: Dave

About Dave

A resident of Safety Harbor, FL, Dave joined Big Dan’s team in Nov. 2022 as an operating partner. A management professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, he has extensive experience in retail, customer service, and management. In his free time, he enjoys being on the water. He and his wife, Julie, have three children.

“When I discovered Big Dan’s team, I was totally impressed with the Shadday family business. From the start I was struck by the fact that this enterprise was based and operated on principles most companies hope for. I discovered this company works extremely well because of their “humility, truth, integrity, dedication, and teamwork. I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to oversee the Tarpon Springs location.”


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